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Computerization of RP's land titling system rushed
By Orlando Dinoy
Inquirer Mindanao
Posted date: April 17, 2010

DIGOS CITY, Philippines - The days of fake land titles and fraudulent land transactions may soon be over as the Land Registration Authority speeds up the completion of a system that would automate the entire process of land deals, an agency official said Friday. Ofelia Abueg-Sta. Maria, deputy administrator of the Registry of Deeds, said in an interview that along with the automation process was the construction of buildings that would house land registry offices in various parts of the country.

Sta. Maria said under the Land Titling Computerization Project, the LRA aimed to veer away from the centuries-old manual system of transactions - including land titling.

She said the automation was primarily aimed at eliminating fraud in land transactions.

"The public would already have easy access to land title information from the LRA Central Office and all Registry of Deeds offices in the country to counter-check documents," Sta. Maria said.

She said the timely detection of fake land titles would boost the government's crackdown on fraudulent land transactions.

Sta. Maria said another advantage of an automated process was that land registration procedures would be streamlined and standardized.

"The LTCP's other important objective is to protect land titles from loss due to fire, theft, natural disasters and the normal ravages of time. We use security-tested document imaging technology," she said.

The automation process, she said, would also provide a system of control to prevent overlapping or duplication of titles through the use of modern digital mapping technology to create an accurate updated municipal or cadastral index map sheets.

"The computerization system also aims to manage with accuracy and timeliness information for policy making, performance appraisal, operations monitoring and more responsive public service," Sta. Maria said.

Since the project started in 2009, Sta. Maria said, at least 53 registry offices have been automated.

Davao del Sur became the latest to join the list of these registry offices.

She said this number was expected to increase to 64 by the end of May.

"Forty-three additional registry offices are also gearing for automation by the end of June 2010," she said.

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