Another showcase of synergy among government agencies shall soon be launched.

After successfully implementing its linkage with HDMF that aims to improve efficiency in the delivery of public service, the LRA shall soon go on-line with its linkage with the BIR with the objective of ensuring  the collection of proper taxes for transfer of ownership of real properties.

BIR is currently issuing its Certificate Authorizing Registration (CAR) with an embedded barcode, which is called “eCAR”.  Using this barcode, the LRA PHILARIS-RD System shall automatically validate the eCAR, and any transaction where an invalid eCAR presented shall not be allowed to proceed.

A Joint Memorandum Circular was recently issued to provide the implementing guidelines of this new linkage which covers all transactions involving transfer of real properties requiring the presentation of the eCAR.

CARs that were manually-issued within a year before the LRA-BIR linkage is implemented shall still be accepted at the Registries of Deeds.  Once the BIR has fully implemented its eCAR System in all RDOs, the problems in collection of real property transfer taxes shall become a thing of the past.